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Heartattack And Vine (Remastered)

by Tom Waits

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Brian Condra
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Brian Condra I Don't know where to start. I first heard this in the early nineties, on a cassette tape. It introduced me to the world according to Waits! A beautifully crafted album, filled with intelligent, witty and insightful songs all warped and battered by the insane genius of perhaps one of the greatest musicians of this age. Favorite track: Mr. Siegal.
arandomlynchboy thumbnail
arandomlynchboy I've never heard of Tom Waits before hearing this record. Now i'm completely bond and i cannot stop listening his records. I love the emotion of this records. The raw energy of his voice. Favorite track: Ruby's Arms.
Oynque thumbnail
Oynque While Jersey Girl's the easy choice, for me it's a tossup between Saving All My Love For You and On The Nickel. I love the bluesy, late night feel (esp on Shades) of this album. Favorite track: Saving All My Love For You.
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liar liar with your pants on fire, white spades hang- in’ on the telephone wire, gamblers reevaluate along the dotted line, you’ll never recognize yourself on heartattack and vine. doctor lawyer beggar man thief, philly joe remark- able looks on in disbelief, if you want a taste of mad- ness, you’ll have to wait in line, you’ll probably see someone you know on heartattack and vine. boney’s high on china white, shorty found a punk, don’t you know there ain’t no devil, there’s just god when he’s drunk, well this stuff will probably kill you, let’s do another line, what you say you meet me down on heartattack and vine. see that little jersey girl in the see-through top, with the peddle pushers sucking on a soda pop, well i bet she’s still a virgin but it’s only twenty-five ’til nine, you can see a million of ’em on heartattack and vine. better off in iowa against your scrambled eggs, than crawling down cahuenga on a broken pair of legs, you’ll find your ignorance is blissful every goddamn time, you’re waitin’ for the rtd on heartattack and vine.
In Shades 04:25
it’s too early for the cir- cus, it’s too late for the bars, no one’s sleepin’ but the paperboys, and no one in this town is makin’ any noise, but the dogs and the milkmen and me. the girls around here all look like cadillacs, no one likes a stranger here, i’d come home but i’m afraid that you won’t take me back, but i’d trade off every- thing just to have you near. i know i’m irresponsible and i don’t behave, and i ruin everything that i do, and i’ll probably get ar- rested when i’m in my grave, but i’ll be savin’ all my love for you. i paid fifteeen dollars for a prostitute, with too much makeup and a broken shoe, but her eyes were just a counterfeit, she tried to gyp me out of it, but you know that i’ m still in love with you. don’t listen to the rumors that you hear about me, cause i ain’t half as bad as they make me out to be, well i may lose my mind but baby can’t you see, that i’ll be savin’ all my love for you.
Downtown 04:44
red pants and the sugar- man in, the temple street gloom, drinkin’ chivas regal in a four dollar room, just another dead soldier in a powder blue night, sugar- man says baby everything’s alright, goin’ downtown down downtown. montclaire de havelin doin’ the st. vitus dance, lookin’ for someone to chop the lumber in his pants, how am i gonna un- load all of this ice and all this mink, all the traffic in the street but it’s so hard to think, goin’ downtown down downtown. frankie’s wearin’ lipstick pierre cardin, i swear to god i seen him holdin’ hands with jimmy bond, sally’s high on crank and hungry for some sweets, she’s fern in the· sheets but she’s butch in the streets, goin’ downtown down downtown. it’s the cool of the even- ing the sun’s goin’ down, i want to hold you in my arms i want to push you around, i want to break your bottle and spill out all your charms, come on baby we’ll set off all the burglar alarms, goin’ downtown down downtown. red pants and the sugar- man in the temple, drinkin’ chivas regal in a four dollar room, just another dead soldier in a powder blue night, red pants turns to sugarman and says every- thing’s alright, goin’ down- town down downtown.
Jersey Girl 05:11
got no time for the corner boys, down in the street makin’ all that noise, don’t want no whores on eighth avenue, cause tonight i’m gonna be with you. cause tonight i’m gonna take that ride, across the river to the jersey side, take my baby to the carnival, and i’ll take you on all the rides, sing sha la la Ia Ia Ia sha la la Ia. down the shore every- thing’s alright, you with your baby on a saturday night, don’t you know that all my dreams come true, when i’m walkin’ down the street with you, sing sha Ia la Ia la Ia sha la la la. you know she thrills me with all her charms, when i’m wrapped up in my baby’s arms, my little an- gel gives me everything, i know someday that she’ll wear my ring. so don’t bother me cause i got no time, i’m on my way to see that girl of mine, nothin’ else matters in this whole wide world, when you’re in love with a jersey girl, sing sha la la la Ia Ia la. and i call your name, i can’t sleep at night, sha la Ia la Ia Ia Ia.
check this strange beverage that falls out from the sky, splashin’ bagdad on the hudson in panther martin’s eyes, he’s high and outside wearin’ candy ap- ple red, scarlet gave him twenty seven stitches in his head, with a pint of green chartruse ain’t nothin’ seems right, you buy the sunday paper on a saturday night. can’t you hear the thunder someone stole my watch, i sold a quart of blood and bought a half a pint of scotch, some one tell those chinamen on telegraph canyon road, when you’re on the bill with the spoon there ain’t no time to unload, so bye bye baby baby bye bye. droopy stranger lonely dreamer toy puppy and the prado, we’re laughin’ as they piled into olmos’ el dorado, jesus, whispered eni meany miney moe, they’re too proud to duck their heads that’s why they bring it down so low, so bye bye baby baby bye bye. the pointed man is smack dab in the middle of july, swingin’ from the rafters in his brand new tie, he said i can’t go back to that hotel room all they do is shout, but i’ll stay wichew baby till the money runs out, so bye bye baby baby bye bye.
sticks and stones will break my bones, but i al- ways will be true, and when your mama is dead and gone, i’ll sing this lul- labye just for you, and what becomes of all the little boys, who never comb their hair, well they’re lined up all around the block, on the nickel over there. so you better bring a bucket, there is a hole in the pail, and if you don’t get my letter, then you’ll know that i’m in jail, and what becomes of all the lit- tle boys, who never say their prayers, well they’re sleepin’ like a baby, on the nickel over there. and if you chew tobacco, and wish upon a star, well you’ll find out where the scarecrows sit, just like punchlines between the cars, and i know a place where a royal flush, can never beat a pair, and even thomas jefferson, is on the nickel over there. so ring around the rosie, you’re sleepin’ in the rain, and you’re always late for supper, and man you let me down again, i thought i heard a mockingbird, roos- evelt knows where, you can skip the light, with grady tuck, on the nickel over there. so what becomes of all the little boys, who run away from home, well the world just keeps gettin’ bigger, once you get out on your own, so here’s to all the little boys, the sandman takes you where, you’ll be sleepin’ with a pillowman, on the nickel over there. so let’s climb up through that button hole, and we’ll fall right up the stairs, and i’ll show you where the short dogs grow, on the nickel over there.
Mr. Siegal 05:14
i spent all my money in a mexican whorehouse, across the street from a catholic church, and then i wiped off my revolver, and i buttoned up my burgundy shirt, i shot the morning in the back, with my red wings on, i told the sun he’d better go back down, and if i can find a book of matches, i’m goin’ to burn this hotel down. you got to tell me brave captain, why are the wicked so strong, how do the angels get to sleep, when the devil leaves his porch- light on. well i dropped thirty grand on the nugget slots, i had to sell my ass on fre- mont street, and the drum- mer said there’s sanctuary, over at the bagdad room, and now it’s one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and go man go, i said tell me mr. siegal, how do i get out of here. well willard’s knocked out on a bottle of heat, drivin’ dangerous curves across the dirty sheets, he said man you ought to see her, when her parents are gone, man you ought to hear her when the siren’s on. you got to tell me brave captain, why are the wicked so strong, how do the angels get to sleep, when the devil leaves his porch- light on. don’t you know that ain’t no broken bottle, that i picked up in my head- lights, on the other side of the nevada line, where they live hard die young, and have a good lookin’ corpse every time, well the pit- boss said i should keep movin’, this is where you go when you die, and so i shot a black beauty, and i kissed her right between the eyes. well willard’s knocked out on a bottle of heat, drivin’ dangerous curves across the dirty sheets, he said when the bitch is wound up, and her parents are gone, man you ought to hear her with the siren on. you got to tell me brave captain, why are the wicked so strong, how do the angels get to sleep, when the devil leaves his porchlight on.
Ruby's Arms 05:35
i will leave behind all of my clothes, i wore when i was with you, all i need’s my railroad boots, and my leather jacket, as i say goodbye to ruby’s arms, al- though my heart is break-ing, i will steal away out through your blinds, for soon you will be waking. the morning light has washed your face, and everything is turning blue now, hold on to your pil- low case there’s nothing i can do now, as i say good- bye to ruby’s arms, you’ll find another soldier, and i swear to god by christ- mastime, there’ll be some- one else to hold you. the only thing i’m taking is the scarf off of your clothesline, i’ll hurry past your chest of drawers, and your broken wind chimes, as i say goodbye i’ll say goodbye, say goodbye to ruby’s arms. i’ll feel my way down the darken hall, and out into the morning, the hobos at the freightyards, have kept their fires burning, so jesus christ. this goddamn rain, will some one put me on a train, i’ll never kiss your lips again, or break your heart, as i say goodbye i’ll say goodbye, say goodbye to ruby’s arms.


Released in 1980, Heartattack and Vine was Waits’ final album on Elektra Asylum and it built on the raw blues approach of Blue Valentine with the incendiary title track, the funky, organ driven “Downtown” and the stomping NOLA blues of “Mr. Siegal”. This album also contains some of Waits most popular ballads, including “Jersey Girl” which was famously a hit for Bruce Springsteen. “On the Nickle” is a moving song about the homeless people who lived on 5th street in downtown LA, and “Ruby’s Arms” is a beautiful song with a lovely Bach-like melody.


released March 9, 2018


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Tom Waits Los Angeles, California

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